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Ayo Gathing, M.D.

Ayo is a board-certified psychiatrist, health media expert and bestselling author. She specializes in promoting a healthy lifestyle and decreasing the stigma of mental illness. As a professor and dynamic speaker, she imparts medical information with strategies for maintaining wellness. Dr. Gathing brings her expertise to the community through practical discussions and relatable delivery of subject matter. She is well versed on the benefits of the endocannabinoid system, including CBD, in healthy living and wants to share that knowledge through the Hempoholic platform. Dr. Gathing completed her adult psychiatry training and child and adolescent fellowship at Emory University School of Medicine. At Emory she received numerous awards and accolades, including the role of chief resident, after graduating with a medical doctorate from the Morehouse School of Medicine. Dr. Gathing obtained a B.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Applied Biology where she graduated with honors. 

Jason Gathing M.Ed.

Jason is a businessman, husband, father and friend to many. He has numerous successful ventures in healthcare and real estate and has had key roles in marketing and management. He also did a post graduate program in behavioral analysis where he conducted comprehensive assessments and specialized in Behavior modification. Jason also developed programs for those with development issues, behavioral problems and mental health issues. 

As a former collegiate athlete playing football at Montana State University, he saw the effects that injuries can have on the body and mind. This sparked an interest in cannabis products as after multiple sports injuries himself, Jason was looking for healthy alternatives to harsh pain medications; CBD became that option for him. He is now a believer in hemp medicine products and focused on aiding others in the transition from a life of chronic pain to relief. Jason is now a crucial part of the Hempoholic team combining his passions in real estate, business development and marketing to bring CBD products to the masses. 

Healthy & Organic Inputs

Hempoholic is cultivating high-grade, 3rd party tested, CBD products, using inputs proprietary to our farm! The products are organic and vegan without harsh chemical pesticides, salt feeds or animal products.

Doctor Owned and Approved

Our CBD products are so safe and effective, it is co-owned by a renowned physician, Dr. Ayo Gathing MD. Hempoholic wants you to live your best life and get the most out of your CBD. We will even provide monthly courses & Ask A Hemp Farmer for education and support! 

Black & Female-Owned

Hempoholic is a Black and Female-owned cultivation company, so we understand that there is a long history of racial injustice within the industry. We have developed a philanthropic area of our company dedicated to assisting non-profit organizations that support individuals & families affected most by institutionalized oppression. 


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