(And how Hempoholic solves them!)

CBD oil has been hailed as a solution to many problems. You’ll probably find it in a number of products, including lattes and dog treats.

Can the hype be trusted? Well, it depends.

CBD oil can provide relief for aches, pains, sleep issues, stress, and more. But it all depends on the quality of the product and how you use it. Here are some common mistakes we see, and how to avoid them.

We reveal how to choose the best and most effective CBD in #5.

1. Giving up too soon.

Many people have been conditioned to expect immediate results from supplements and medicine. While some people feel the effects of CBD the first time they take it, for many people it can take a few days or even weeks to see the benefits.

Keep at it. Early studies have found that CBD effects build-up with regular, consistent use. If you’re new to CBD, you should set expectations accordingly and stick with a daily regimen for at least 2 weeks.

2. Not taking enough CBD.

Sadly, many brands and products obscure the amount of CBD that’s actually in each serving–usually by emphasizing the milligrams of CBD in the bottle or by mentioning the milligrams of total hemp extract or total cannabinoids (of which only part is CBD).

Surveys have revealed that 20mg of CBD in a single serving is the “happy medium” for most people (roughly 60% of our customers).

Those who experience sleep issues may find that larger doses are helpful. Others may find that taking multiple servings per day helps keep persistent aches at bay. An excellent starting point is to take one 20mg serving at bedtime and one in the morning. 

You can increase or decrease your frequency or serving size as needed.

3. Taking the CBD incorrectly.

Only a portion of the CBD you consume is absorbed by your body.

Taking steps to maximize the absorption of your CBD oil can make a big difference.

With regards to CBD drops (additionally called oils or tinctures), many accept that CBD under your tongue (i.e. sublingual) is ideal. Just drop the oil under your tongue, let it sit for no less than 30 seconds, then, at that point, swish and swallow.

Additionally, our customers have found that taking CBD oil before a meal can enhance its benefits. One preliminary study found that taking CBD before a meal—in particular, one containing fats—can increase the absorption of cannabinoids by several multiples.

4. Not asking questions.

CBD isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it’s common to have questions when you’re starting out. Reach out to experts or your manufacturing company with any questions or concerns. Information is key and can only improve your experience. 

5. Using the wrong product.

Not all CBD is equal. Truth be told, quality fluctuates incredibly from brand-to-brand. Here are significant things to consider while you’re buying CBD:

Are the ingredients clearly labeled?

The best products have simple, natural ingredients that you can easily pronounce.

Is it certified organic?

CBD is produced using hemp plants. Certified organic and all-natural products are free from heavy metals, pesticides, or herbicides. This is important to the overall quality of your products. 

Are there independent lab tests available?

Outside or third-party lab results will confirm not only the CBD content of the item but further guarantee that it is liberated from debasements and toxins.

How was the CBD made?

There are various ways of making CBD oil from hemp. A few techniques include substance solvents. For example, some companies use ethanol or isopropyl liquor (scouring liquor) to make CBD in light of the fact that it’s a minimal expense. We utilize CO2 with hemp oil which helps to avoid common allergens and preservatives. 

The good news is that Hempoholic CBD products check all of the above.

Hempoholic is a cultivator of high-grade, CBD products from our farm using proprietary inputs. We are certified organic and tested by 3rd-party labs. 

Our item advancement group focuses on new formulations and works on improving existing recipes. They use condition-of-workmanship innovation and obtained the best fixings to make products that have aided a number of lives.

More information on our website and reach out through our Contact Us page. 

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