Will CBD Show Up On My Drug Test?

There are over hundreds of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, and one of the most useful ones is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD combined with other cannabinoids or essential oils creates a CBD oil that helps in achieving a healthy lifestyle. However, because hemp is closely related to marijuana, many potential consumers think that its cannabinoids are also intoxicating like marijuana. This makes them wonder if it will make them fail their drug test. 

Besides cannabidiol, another cannabinoid that is used in the making of CBD oil is THC. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant. A drug test might filter the CBD compounds, but as CBD oil has a trace of THC in it, it becomes difficult to pass the drug test. 

Hempoholic full-spectrum products only have 0.3% of THC present in them. Full-spectrum CBD products by Hempoholic contain gummies, tinctures, and oils. 

Let us take a closer look at how you may fail a drug test after consuming CBD products. What are the ingredients that may cause the failure? And how does the cultivation and production of CBD take place? And which product to use to avoid drug test failure? 

Production and Cultivation of CBD: 

Sometimes the number of psychoactive compounds present in CBD oil varies from region to region. The hemp plant grown and cultivated in the U.S contains only 0.3% of THC. That might not be the case with the hemp plants grown somewhere else. It is also the reason why the FDA has legalized U.S produced hemp. The CBD extracted from U.S grown hemp plants is low in THC therefore; it is very unlikely to get any psychoactive reaction. However, we cannot say anything about the other hemp plants. We don’t know how much THC they possess, or whether they will cause any euphoria. It also makes the drug test results unknown. The CBD you consume from places other than the U.S might also not be the same in healing and helping as the U.S produced CBD oil. 

Hempoholic CBD oils are cultivated and produced in Oregon, U.S with the help of the U.S grown hemp plant. Thus, they are low in THC, but there is a slight chance that it might make you fail your drug test. 

Why is THC Present in CBD Products?

The U.S congress passed the farm bill in 2018. This bill legalized the making of the consumption of CBD products. However, some conditions and guidelines were made necessary to follow. Such as, only CBD products with 0.3% THC were permitted to be produced.

The Role of THC: 

You must have thought that if THC is psychoactive, then why would the FDA legalize it even with low consistency? The reason is the health benefits it can help provide to its consumers. THC is considered the best cannabinoid when it comes to binding with our body receptors. It affects many of our internal health factors like temperature, mood, and appetite. 

Is it Possible for a CBD Product to Exceed 0.3% of THC Concentration? 

The answer is yes, but it depends. During the cultivation and production process, there are some rules and strict manufacturing guidelines to be followed. In case of ignorance of these guidelines, or any carelessness in its production, this can lead to manufacturing error. It may cause a higher availability of THC in CBD products. Any such irrigation can also affect the healing ability of CBD products, and may also lead to positive drug test results. 

This is why it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the products you consume. It is important to pick only those manufacturers that follow the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. This way, you can enjoy all the mental and physical gains of CBD oil without any excessive THC. Hempoholic makes sure to produce CBD oils rich in benefits with only the allowed volume of THC. With Hempoholic CBD oil, you can experience quality wellbeing without any intoxication. 

How to Make Sure that the CBD Products you are Consuming are High Quality and Beneficial: 

A little research in this regard never hurts. You can find out what product to consume and what type of CBD products to avoid by finding out the basic facts about high-quality CBD. Before making your purchase, always look for the following to make sure the CBD company you are interested in is reliable. 

Certificates of Analysis:

Most of the reliable CBD brands provide their certificate of analysis with the instructions and ingredients of products. This certificate means that the CBD products of this specific company are all third-party tested. By reading the COA, you can know about the measurements of cannabinoids in CBD oil. It can help you avoid the excessive consumption of THC. The certificate shows the exact amount of the cannabinoids or other ingredients present in CBD oil. Hempoholic provides its COA along with its products. By observing the provided COA, you can notice the quality of Hempoholic CBD oil products.

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